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11/07: Heilpern Hospitality is now Heilpern Group


Since our inception in 2002, we've been creating new concepts, revitalizing old concepts, designing facilities, and providing strategic consulting to start-ups and national chains. Such a unique scope quickly made us one of the nations leaders in hospitality consulting services.

Along the way, we quickly noticed no other firm provided the full scope of service, attention to detail, industry experience, or all-emcompassing project management that we do. As such, we quickly found ourselves being recruited to manage the entire concept development - or in some cases re-development - process. From naming, to branding, to concept creation, menu development, architectural brand integration, employee training all the way to collecting the first dollar.

In an effort to better support our broad-range appeal, we've decided to replace "Hospitality" with "Group" and now stand before you today as the new Heilpern Group.

Intrigued? Give us a call.

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