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What We Do | Concept Development

The foodservice industry is evolving rapidly to keep pace with changes in consumer needs and expectations. New restaurant concepts are emerging to satisfy an increasingly discriminating market, and catering to that market calls for the creation of new creative, innovative, and cutting edge concepts. Restaurant concepts express themselves in many ways, including menu, decor, branding, type of service, pricing/pricing strategy , location, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for a person to consider opening a new restaurant, or, for that matter, actually open a new restaurant without carefully considering all aspects of the concept development process. The potential entrepreneur or expanding company may in fact have the funds, a location, their theme in mind, and a great amount of enthusiasm, but they have not really thought through and addressed all of the issues involved in the concept design, operations development, market needs, brand development and marketing potential. Unfortunately, they have only considered part of this equation , and, more often then not, find themselves scrambling to address the other issues. The foodservice design team must know what the menu, demand, hours of operation , and mode of service will be for the facility . The success or failure of the venture will often depend on how well the concept was planned and how well the plan was followed.

The changes, competition , and economic environment which dominate the current foodservice landscape call for the creation of newer more exciting and efficient concept designs , as well as the refurbishing and remodeling of old concepts and designs.

Heilpern Group is keenly aware that all this must be done quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively . The finished product must be a concept not only with the ability to operate smoothly, but also with the capacity to make money.

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