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Strategic Consulting
Business plans, training manuals, performance systems and growth...
Facility Design
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What We Do | Strategic Consulting

In today's difficult and challenging times, slick facilities and trendy food are simply not enough for long term viability in the restaurant business. There must be a real foundation in operations. Clean restaurants, consistent food & liquor cost, and well-managed labor costs are not accidents, nor are they achieved because the manager is a nice guy. Such achievements are only realized through consistency of operations.

Consistency in operations, including employee development, only comes through the creation, implementation, and consistent usage of effective systems.

We have an extensive background in development and implementation of operational systems, including expertise in the following areas and more:

  • Development of marketing programs
  • Writing business plans
  • Acquisition of funds
  • Employee training manuals
  • Operations manuals
  • Plate p resentation manuals (food & drink)
  • Recipe manuals (kitchen & bar)
  • Inventory systems
  • Ordering systems
  • Cleaning/Sidework systems
  • Budgeting
  • Employee development programs for both hourly employees & management

The rule of "sameness" is requisite if we are going to truly be successful. The rule of "sameness" states that to get real results,first one must find a way of achieving the stated results. Once that has been accomplished , one must create a system that replicates what was done in the first place to achieve those results. Once a system is then developed , following that system over and over again yields the same results over and over again. If your approach to managing your operations is fluid and moving , you will end up with inconsistent, "hit or miss" results.

We at Heilpern Group LLC have a strong operations background and work with operators to develop real system to yield real results consistently.

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