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What We Do | Facility Design

The foodservice industry is evolving rapidly to keep pace with changes in consumer needs and expectations. New restaurant concepts are emerging to satisfy an increasingly discriminating market, and catering to that market calls for the creation of new creative and innovative facilities. In the process of creating these new facilities, particular attention must be paid to the actual design. It can be a crucial piece in the success or failure of the overall concept.

As part of the design process, consideration must be given to such issues as dining room design and flow, kitchen equipment selection, kitchen layout and design, and the operational needs and stresses of the restaurant. Unfortunately, without proper attention to these issues you risk designing a facility that will cost you dearly well into the future: initially by having to pay (and in some cases over-pay) for the heavy investment required in building and equipping a facility that fails to adequately meet your business needs, and then later due to needlessly high labor, maintenance, and utility costs that continue year after year. Short term perceived savings in the design may actually become needless over spending on improper or unneeded equipment, and can lead to endless long term costs as you operate an inefficient, awkward , and cumbersome facility.

A proper foodservice design plan translates the operational objectives into the functional spaces required in each unique facility, and melds them with ambiance and atmosphere envisioned for the public. Heilpern Group's objective in the design process is to highlight space and room usage, define the flow of people, optimize the production processes, and ensure proper equipment is selected to ensure the long-term operational success.

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